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Welcome To I-CrpytoTrade

I-CrpytoTrade is a perfect solution for all fans of online investment, as well as for all those who follow the trends in the market of cryptocurrencies which today are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative payment method. Our company offers high-quality asset management service based on our own large network of ASIC equipment for Bitcoin mining. Our years of experience and technical expertise allow us to work productively and develop new areas of safe income.

I-CrpytoTrade was officially registered and conducts financing activities under existing United Kingdom legislation. The necessary information about the company can be found on our website or in the official sources.

  • Address: Wuse Zone 2, Eragon, Australia
  • Email:

Investment Trade Plans
  • Bronze Plan

  • 5 % for 24 Hours
  • 24/7Support
  • Min. $100 Max: $1499
  • Make Deposit Now
  • Silver Plan

  • 15% Daily for 7 Days
  • 24/7Support
  • Min. $1500 Max: $2999
  • Make Deposit Now
  • Gold Plan

  • 25 % Daily for 30 Days
  • 24/7Support
  • Min. $3000 Max: $4999
  • Make Deposit Now
  • Diamond Plan

  • 35% Daily for 6 Months
  • 24/7Support
  • Min. $5000 Max: $50000
  • Make Deposit Now
  • Unlimited Plan

  • 2.5% Daily for 12 Months
  • 24/7Support
  • Min. 1 btc Max: 30 btc
  • Make Deposit Now

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Why did we have launched
I-CrpytoTrade investment project?
  • to promote the use of cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services online;
  • to expand the business geography of I-CrpytoTrade outside the UK;
  • to form and develop our own network of mining ASIC equipment;
  • to reduce the costs of mining due to the involvement of the assets;
  • to look for business partners and company representatives in regions;
  • to help novice investors who are in search of safe investments;
  • to increase financial turnover and preparing to IPO and issuing of shares.
Why I-CrpytoTrade?
  • I-CrpytoTrade is officially registered company;
  • I-CrpytoTrade investment platform is operating in automatic mode;
  • The company only takes in trust cryptocurrency - Bitcoin;
  • Our investment project accrues profits every hour, 24/7/365;
  • I-CrpytoTrade ensures flawless instant processing of withdrawals;
  • I-CrpytoTrade site is under constant protection against all external threats;
  • Customer and technical support work around the clock.

Latest Withdrawals

Name Date Amount Method
Samarra May 21, 2022 $ 13300
Jannell May 21, 2022 $ 2040
Meia May 21, 2022 $ 16223
Crystol May 21, 2022 $ 8893
Anette May 21, 2022 $ 2771

See what the community is saying...

At I-CrpytoTrade we believe in celebrating all breakthroughs, large or small. Whether it is closing that first big deal or just getting in the game, we'd love to hear about your success!

Trading with professional broker can save you alot of headache with fast and helpful response from support; I-CrpytoTrade is really nothing short of professional

Michael A. Arizona

Just when I think its good enough, its just keeps getting better. Made over 4 withdrawals and I must confess that this is the best service i've ever recieved

Ryan K. Minnesota
Thank you I-CrpytoTrade!

I really did not think it was possible before now to make so much profit, but here I am right now saying "Anything is just possible with I-CrpytoTrade

Lenny C. Colorado

This is the real definition of being top notch. I literally watched my account blossom into what it is today and I believe there is more to come.

Tyler S. Connecticut

Latest Deposits

Name Date Amount Plan
Ritu May 21, 2022 $ 1038
Bronze Plan
Kendalyn May 21, 2022 $ 14883
Diamond Plan
Ashtyn May 21, 2022 $ 8562
Bronze Plan
Marka May 21, 2022 $ 12135
Diamond Plan
Nikkolas May 21, 2022 $ 7668
Silver Plan
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